Our Mission

We are ‘Shop For A Cause’, a non-profit organization whose mission is-to help the homeless, single mothers, families and children in need, right here locally in our City of Montreal as well as addressing our growing problem of environmentally harmful clothing. 

Our goal is 2 parts

1)When you shop-for-a-cause, the profits from items sold in our charity sales are donated to benevolent organizations such as Old Brewery Mission, Dans la Rue, Welcome Hall Mission, just to name a few. We know these needed funds will be spent correctly to directly help the homeless and less fortunate. 

2) This important cycle of giving our unwanted clothes a 'real' chance at a second life, not only keeps them out of hazardous landfills and protects our environment but will actually help someone who really needs them to survive our harsh climate. 

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We are agents of change

Being Montrealers we have come to realize there are a lot of people in our city who are less fortunate and in need of assistance. Montreal was voted one of the best cities to live in the world but being natives of this beautiful city we know there are signs of hardship everywhere and an abundant homeless population.

The more we dug into the matter the more we realized the seriousness of the environmental problem we have created and continue to constantly fuel - Landfills. We’ve come up with ideas
to help relieve this environmental problem and ensure our clothes reach the people they are intended for and need for survival. That is what inspired ‘Shop for a Cause’ and this is our mission.

Why not put your unwanted clothes to good use

With a simple gesture, your donations can transform the lives of
those in need right here in Montreal